Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald established Monkstadt House in Scottish history in 1746.

Following a defeat at The Battle of Culloden, Bonnie Prince Charlie was on the run from the Government. He had managed to escape to the West Coast and on to Uist where he was introduced to Flora MacDonald. Between them, it was decided that Flora and the Prince should travel by boat to Skye. The prince would be dressed as an Irish spinning maid named Betty Burke.

They set sail on the 28th of June 1746 and successfully landed on the shore below Monkstadt House at a spot named Rudha Phrionnsa (Prince’s Point).

Flora was well acquainted with Sir Alexander and his wife Lady Margaret and knew that at heart Lady Margaret was a Jacobite sympathiser. She left the Prince on the shore and visited Monkstadt to seek help, upon her arrival at the house she was met by soldiers looking for the prince, and Flora was able to convince the Lieutenant that she knew nothing concerning the prince or his whereabouts.

After speaking with Flora, Lady Margaret was deeply concerned for the safety of the Prince and gave Flora provisions so they could continue on safely to Kingsburgh House. Eventually, the Prince escaped back to Europe.

Monkstadt House was vacated by the Clan Donald in 1798, following the restoration of Armadale Castle in Sleat in the south of Skye.

In the years that followed various tacksmen, farmers and land workers lived in Monkstadt and the surrounding land, but the house gradually fell into disrepair over the years.

In the early 1980s the MacQueen family purchased Monkstadt House & Steadings and have lovingly restored it to its former glory.